Weymouth bridle FayPerform Shine

The FayPerform weymouth bridle is also available in a shine version; the FayPerform Shine. The FayPerform Shine bridle is finished with a patent leather noseband and a browband which is fitted with two rows of rhinestones. This provides the perfect combination of elegance and comfort.
On the basis of careful research into the anatomy of the horse's head, the FayPerform Weymouth bridle has been developed. This bridle is the only bridle worldwide that consists of so many anatomical properties. Through its many anatomical features, this bridle contributes to high-level performance.
The bridle also has various additional functionalities to provide convenience and flexibility for the rider. The bridle is made of vegetable tanned leather, which is gentle on the skin, durable and eco-friendly. 

Available in black, in size cob and full.

View the size chart here for more information.

  • Material leather: vegetable tanned leather
  • Material hardware: black nickel
  • 8 anatomical properties
  • The special shape of the crown piece relieves the nuchal ligament and nerve endings at the top of the neck. The pressure is moved to two gel cushions on the sides of the neck
  • The crown piece follows the shape of the ear base, allowing for optimal freedom of movement for the ears
  • The PressTEQ attachment of the browband provides a smooth bottom surface and prevents pressure points
  • The special shape of the crown piece avoids the TMJ joint, allowing optimal relaxation of the jaw
  • The crown piece avoids the facial crest to prevent chafing
  • The ElasTEQ system in the cheek pieces provides an elastic connection to the mouth and prevents too much pressure on top of the head
  • The noseband does not put pressure on the molars and cheeks
  • The noseband is placed high enough to avoid the tip of the nasal bone and also features gel padding
  • The rein for this bridle is available separately.
  • You can find the guidelines regarding the FayPerform bridle here