Browband ShineBright

This chic ShineBright browband is made with the PressTEQ mounting system. The PressTEQ mounting system makes changing the browband very easy. You no longer have to take the entire bridle apart. The browband can simply be clicked on top of the headpiece, even when the bridle is worn. All browband designs are expertly crafted with carefully put together designs to reflect a prestigious look. All designs use genuine Swarovski crystals for optimal light reflection and shine brightly under any light.

Available in the following colors: Black/Black, Black/Burgundy, Black/emerald, Black/silverwhite, Black/Steel Blue, Black/White, Brown/Black, Brown/Burgundy, Brown/emerald, Brown/silverwhite, Brown/Steelblue, Brown/White


  • Material leather: vegetable tanned leather
  • Easy to attach and exchange with the PressTEQ mounting system
  • In a chic wave shape
  • Made with real Swarovski crystals

  • Size chart:
    Measured from end to end, excluding special shapes
    Pony: 38 cm
    Cob: 41 cm
    Full: 44 cm
    Extra Full: 46 cm