Additional Features

This unique bridle has a number of additional features

Feature one


The PressTEQ mounting system makes changing the browband very easy. You no longer have to take the entire bridle apart, but can simply click the browband on. This is possible even when the bridle is worn, which can come in useful when different outfits are worn. The bridle is provided with a plain leather browband in an elegant wave shape. Multiple designs of stylish and eye-catching browbands with Swarovski crystals are available separately.

Feature two

Clip fastenings

The cheek pieces, noseband and flash strap feature a clip. This offers multiple advantages. When the noseband and flash strap are set to the right size, putting the bridle on becomes quicker than ever before.The cheek pieces are also available separately. Keeping multiple bits at hand with the cheek pieces attached, makes it incredibly easy and quick to change bits. This is even possible when the bridle is worn.

Lastly, because the cheek pieces feature a clip, the bridle can be put on in a different way which does not disturb the ears. This is especially useful for horses with sensitive ears or horses that are head shy.

Feature three

How to put the FaySport bridle on the alternative way to avoid pressure on the ears and mouth:

  1. Disconnect the left cheek piece
  2. Place the bridle gently on the head, avoiding the ears
  3. Fasten the noseband
  4. Place the bit in the mouth and connect the left cheek piece
  5. Fasten the flash strap
Faysport bridle

Feature four

Gel padding

The crown piece features two large cushions with gel padding on either side of the poll. The noseband features a smaller cushion on top of the nasal bone. The addition of gel padding next to traditional rubber padding, provides increased pressure distribution which creates greater comfort for the horse. 

Faysport bridle

Feature five

Elastic bit straps

The elastic bit straps can be used if desired to slow down impact and reduce pressure on the mouth. The pressure will be distributed between the bit and noseband. This can be especially useful for young horses or horses with a restless or sensitive mouth.