Ambitionfirst saddle pad and riding socks

Both the AmbitionFirst saddle pad and the AmbitionFirst riding socks are made with bamboo. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and has many advantages:

  • It is silky soft and provides high wearing comfort.
  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic. It is therefore suitable for the most sensitive skin.
  • Because of the open structure of the fibres, bamboo is very breathable. It keeps horse and rider cool, even in summer conditions.
  • Despite the softness, the fibres of bamboo are extra strong, which gives it an extra-long life.
  • The micro holes in the bamboo fibre ensure that moisture is absorbed and evaporates. It has a hygroscopic effect, which means that it attracts water. Bamboo absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton.
  • The environmental impact of bamboo production is up to 80% less than cotton.
  • It is machine washable and retains its shape.